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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Billie Sue Mosiman weaves an intricate tale of suspense in her recent novel The Grey Matter. The book is well written, combining strong plot and characterization that glue the reader to her work. A serial killer goes about his crimes undetected for years. Then he encounters a crew of young folk trying to make their way in a cabin nestled in the Alabama mountains.

Mosiman captures the people of her native state with a distinctive voice. The reader quickly gets to know Abe, Caleb, Ben and Josie. More importantly, we reader is taken inside the mind of John Grey, seeing things from his point of view. A nationwide blackout sends the nearby rural town into chaos. Josie and her friends are forced to contend with the elements of nature, a nearby serial killer, and a world in disruption. At the same time, they are pitted with internal conflicts.

Not since Jack Ketchum's novel Red have we seen such a fine development of plot, development of character, and precise writing. You can't go wrong with this book by Post Mortem Press. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this book and hope to see it recognized for the craft required to being it all together.

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