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Saturday, November 29, 2014


SNAFU Heroes hits hard and keeps on hitting.This military anthology of horror/science fiction stories opens with a new novella by Joseph Nassise based upon his Templar Chronicles series.

The story is fast-paced and keeps the reader engaged, not wanting to put the book down. A blend of action adventure and dark urban fantasy, the story turns on a sophisticated plot where a team of special operatives confront creatures that are zombie-like but controlled by a higher being, demon. Nassise is at his best in this book, making it worth the purchase.

Weston Ochse delivers in a near future story that takes places in a desert. The characterization is as compelling as the imaginative world Ochse creates in his desert rift that releases creatures from the depths. The anthology shifts gears with a thoughtful story by James A Moore that draws the reader in with a literary quality, but continues to meet our expectations in the SNAFU series with its powerful images of a Nazi scheme gone awry.

The last story in this book is a Jonathan Maberry Captain Ledger tale. Like Moore, he draws the reader in with an appeal for a humanity quality, but then turns up the action and the supernatural elements. Another page turner that keeps you glued to this story.

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